Poolside & Water Feature Construction, Alteration & Refurbishment, Products and Services

Repairs & alterations

We do all repair work to damaged and old pools and thatches including:

  • Pool pumps repairs or replacement
  • repainting of rockwork
  • re-marbelite pools
  • acid washes
  • filter sand replacement
  • re-combing or re-decking of lapas

Rock Art on Walls & Paving

Choose from a large variety of rough to formal rock art designs on any wall / floor surface including garden walls, pre-cast walls, pathways, entertainment areas and around pools and ponds


Fish/Koi Ponds

We built a large variety of very classy formal type ponds to more ponds with a rocky surrounding and anything in between. Your imagination and mine is the limit.


Waterfalls and Water Features

Add on a water feature or rock art waterfall to your new pool / fishpond.